about me

Since 2009 I have been working as an audio engineer, first as a live engineer, but soon as a studio engineer. My specialization is sound design and mixing, especially for television. My passion is bringing a movie to life, short or long. The magic that arises when images are provided with beautiful sound continues to fascinate me. The collaboration with various directors and creatives ensures that it always remains exciting. My experience is very broad, from abstract art projects for directors such as Steve McQueen, to television programs on Dutch channels and international advertising campaigns for brands such as Coca Cola, G-Star, Nike, Adidas and many others. My strength is that I can translate an abstract idea into a sound mix in collaboration with clients. In addition to my technical qualities, I also like the social aspect of the work. It’s never boring in the studio! My activities include: re-recording mixing sound fx editing / sound design voice over recordings dubbing I often perform my work for clients in the studio, but I also enjoy working on my own set.


phone: +31 6 2428 3747
twitter: @rubendewinther